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AFA AFAAccredited Financial Analyst
AFM Accredited Financial Manager
AFS Accredited Financial Specialist
RFA Registered Financial Analyst
RFM Registered Financial Manager
RFS Registered Financial Specialist
CCFM Certified Cash Flow Manager
CAMC Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Consultant
CITA Certified and Chartered International Tax Analyst
Certified and Chartered Exposure Analyst
Certified and Chartered Exposure planner
CFD Certified and Licensed Financial Director
CBA Certified Budget Analyst
CCE Certified Corporate Economist
Certified Development Analyst
CIPM Certified International Project Manager
Certified Financial Marketing Analyst
CIM Certified in Investment Management
CVM Certified Valuation Manager
CLA Certified Legal Analyst
Certified Loan Analyst
CCA Certified or Chartered Coverage Analyst
CCC Certified Cost Controller
CHA Certified or Chartered Hazard Analyst
CLA Certified or Chartered Liability Analyst
CLP Certified or Chartered Liability Planner
CPC Certified Political Consultant
CPB Certified Private Banker
CRA Certified Risk Analyst
Certified Venture Capital Analyst
CAM Chartered Asset Manager
CCA Certified Credit Analyst
ChFM ChFMChartered Financial Marketer
CFS CFSChartered Financial Specialist
Chartered Investment Banker Board Certification
Chartered Investment Manager
ChMA Chartered Mortgage Analyst
CPM Chartered Portfolio Manager
CPB Chartered Private Banker
Chartered Strategic Planner
CTEP CTEPChartered Trust and Estate Planner
CWM CWMChartered Wealth Manager
GFA/RFA GFA/RFAGlobal & Registered Financial Analyst
GFP Global Financial Planner
GFS Global Financial Specialist
Licensed and Master Financial Planner
MFMMaster Financial Manager
MFP Master Financial Professional
MIMA Master Investment Management Analyst
MMA Master Mortgage Analyst
Master Private Banker
Master Relationship Manager
Master Strategic Planner
MWM Master Wealth Manager
RBA Registered Business Analyst
FAD CMA Chartered Market Analyst
CFAM Chartered Fund and Asset Manager
FAD FADFinancial Analyst Designate
CEC CECCertified e-Commerce Consultant
Real-Estate Investment Professional
MFC Master Financial Controller
Private Equity Specialist
CCA Certified Compliance Analyst
CAMO Certified Anti-Money Laundering Officer
CCC Certified Cost Controller
CCB Certified Corporate Banker
CMA Certified Mortgage Analyst
CORM Certified Operational Risk Manager
Master Financial Marketer
FAD-CMA FAD-CMAFinancial Analysis Designation
PCRS Project and Contract Risk Specialist
Master Financial Officer
CEM Certified Ecommerce Manager
CIMM Certified Interactive Marketing Manager
MBa Master Business Analyst
MPM Master Project Manager
RFE Essential Finance And Accounting Skills
CCC Corporate Finance – Cost Control
CIPOS Certified IPO Specialist
CEMS Certified Emerging Markets Specialist
RWM RWMRegistered Wealth Manager
CCA-(Compliance) CCA-(Compliance)Chartered Compliance Analyst
CPFS Certified Project Finance Specialist
CCA-(Accountant)Certified Cost Accountant
CWM Chartered Wealth Manager
MCB Master Corporate Banker
MCP Master Compliance Professional™
MRA Master Risk Analyst
CTFS Certified Trade Finance Specialist
CAPA Certified Asset Protection Analyst


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Professional Organizations:

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
The AICPA is the national organization for Certified Public Accountants.

AICPA's List of State CPA Societies
Locate a CPA organization in your state (provided by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants).

American Accounting Association (AAA)
The AAA accounting education, research, and practice.

National Associated CPA Firms (NACPAF)
An international group accounting firms

National Society of Accountants (NSA)
NSA and its affiliates represent accounting, tax, auditing, financial and estate planning individuals and businesses.

Association of Government Accountants (AGA)
Educational organization dedicated to the enhancement of public financial management.

American Academy of Financial Management
The professional organization devoted to providing education to be board certified as a financial analyst, master financial planner, wealth management, and offering courses in financial management, trust and estate planning, and wealth management.

Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)
The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB),

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
The Financial Accounting Standards Board

American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

Institute of Management Accountants
The professional organization devoted to management accounting & financial management.

Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants
The professional organization devoted ebusiness management

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