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ISO Certified 9001 & Accredited Education & Training

Wealth Management Risk & Financial Planning Training and Certification 

The GAFM ® Board is the 1st Graduate Certification Body to Become Accredited  and Certified for: ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 29990 Training in the World. GAFM ® owns the former AAFM ® Certifications and Programs

International Board of Standards
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TUV Accredited 29990 9001

GAFM ® Global Academy of Finance & Management ® 


ISO Certified Accredited Board for International Certifications


GAFM ® Certifications are globally recognized and Accredited ISO Certified 9001 & 29990 Programs by the TUV OE. Certifications Charters and Designations in Wealth Management, Risk Management, and as a Financial Planner , Financial Analyst, and Economist. GAFM ® is Home to the CWM ® Institute for Wealth Management and GAFM ® Founded the CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager ® Program.


Featured Certifications


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→ Legal Buyout of the rights to all certifications by the Accredited GAFM ®  and International Board of Standards of all of the AAFM certifications and designations.   All Certifications from the Former AAFM are now conferred from the GAFM in the United States.  The GAFM Owns all of the famous certifications and IP Intellectual Property. The FINRA and US Government are rebranding the AAFM to the GAFM as per the legal buyout of the certifications by the Accredited GAFM and International Board of Standards.


→  FINRA agrees to list the AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ® and AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®  to the List of Certifications on the Education website guide.


→  GAFM ® International Board of Standards and our Certification Accreditation Council is a Proud Member of the:  ACBSP , AACSB, ICE, NOCA, ANSI, ISBE, NBEA, UN-Civil Society, The AABFS Arabia, the IIFM India and more.  If your institution provides accredited education and exams, contact us to have your program sanctioned for professional Certification Education and Exams. See Global Recognition


→  NEWS:  GAFM has entered into a global distribution agreement with Thomson Reuters and Pearson Education. GAFM and AAFM exams and courses would be available at thousands of testing centers worldwide.

For a decade, the AAFM ® has been a staunch advocate of  "Level 2" double accredited business school education, assessment, and standards.  The GAFM AAFM® has been a top advocate of ACBSP accredited  and AACSB accredited business education which represents the elite top 10% of business schools worldwide. Graduates of the top schools an apply directly to for Certification and  membership.


The GAFM certification requirements include the highest standards of: accredited education, experience, exams from accredited programs, continuing education, and ethics. There are six steps required for Graduate Certification.


  1. Submit GAFM ® Certification Application
  2. Hold Approved Accredited education from an AAFM ® Qualified Education Provider
  3. Submit Evidence to GAFM ® that you applied, enrolled, and completed degree and exams from Accredited or Government Sanctioned Program.
  4. Submit Evidence of your Work Experience and any: Diplomas, Licenses, Designations, Certifications, Teaching work, Research, or other awards.
  5. Submit  AAFM ® Certification Registration and have your evidenced submission of your credentials Reviewed by the Board of Standards
  6. Digitally Sign application agreement, submit certification fee, and agree to adhere to GAFM Ethics Code,  Standards of Conduct, and  regulations for Use of the AAFM ® Marks.


        Attend our Online Program from the Accredited Law School - Every 10 Weeks We Start


        Accredited Education Worldwide - AAFM ® Sanctions Government Recognized Accreditation Agencies and Degree Programs such as the ACBSP Business Accreditation Council Certification & Exam Qualified

      Master Financial Planner Accredited Finanical Analyst Society Certification Designation Credentials Charter Master Financial Planner Accredited Finanical Analyst Society Certification Designation Credentials Charter


      AAFM Linked In global Network Society Accredited Financial Analysts

      The AAFM ®  is constantly looking for strategic partners globally such as  Business Schools, Universities, Governments, or organizations that meet the high standards of our  International Certification Programs. If you are interested in becoming an approved or accredited provider of our certification programs, please contact us.


      The First Certification Body

      to Sanction Level 2 Accredited

      Programs,  Exams, and Degrees.


      Read AAFM Comments to CFPB

      Consumer Financial Protection

      Bureau promoting

      Accredited Program Education

      and Exams for Certifications



      GAFM has entered into a global distribution agreement with Thomson Reuters and Pearson Education. Our exams would be available at thousands of testing centers worldwide.

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