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The GAFM ® Board is the 1st Graduate Certification Body to Become Accredited  and Certified for: ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 29990 Training in the World. GAFM ® owns the former AAFM ® Certifications and Programs


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AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ® 

AAFM ® Notice to WikiMedia about Ethics and legal violations by Editors


AAFM ® Legal Ethics - Complaint about problems of: Defamation, Libel and Fraud To Wikipedia/Wikimedia Legal Offices.



RE AAFM Ethics and Legal Complaint Against Select WikiMedia Editors - This is a legal warning and feedback to notify WIKIPEDIA of major defamatory statements, ethics and conflict of interest infractions.

From: AAFM American Academy of Financial Management ® US Trademark registration number 3714562

From: Mentz Law Firm, LLC - George Mentz, Esq. – AAFM and Mentz which have been A WIKIPEDIA FINANCIAL SUPPORTER

Date: 5-30-13

TO: Wikipedia Legal Offices - *This is a mere exercise of legal rights to investigate accuracy and competence of Wiki Pages and Editors, and should be valued by Wikimedia as priceless feedback to protect the public against fraud, collusion, misuse of Wikipedia, or incompetence.



The AAFM legal offices has initiated a legal and ethical complaint against the following editors at Wikipedia including:    RJC, SummerPhD, Famspear, Eric Naval, MelbourneStar, Theroadislong,  and Beyond My Ken   * Because of this complaint, the above editors would be committing a conflict of interest if they do not recuse themselves from the article going forward. Further, the editors are incapable of maintaining a neutral point of view because of this legal complaint for defamation and fraud.


For over a decade, the AAFM is a certifying body which is the leader in promoting  accredited business school exams and education around the world as a path to earning membership and professional designations.


1) Editors including: RJC and "Enric Naval" and others have recently stated and published on May 24th 2013 that , " The American Academy of Financial Management is a USA-based board of standards, certifying body, and accreditation council dedicated to the finance sector and management professionals.[1] Coverage by the mainstream media has focused mainly on the questionable value of its degrees and certifications." See This claim and accusation against AAFM for selling or offering college degrees is patently false and constitutes a malicious and intentional act of defamation.  


Also,  In Feb of 2013, Enric Naval published the following, "It is a diploma mill......"


2) Additionally, on the talk page, RJC and other editors have supervised the publication of the following, " Guys, this is just a sophisticated diploma mill. Be warned.— Lgfcd (talk) 11:04, 4 February 2013 (UTC)"


3) These illegal acts of libel by sophisticated  or well-educated editors and supervising editors constitute defamation per se.  The controlling or supervising Wikipedia editors of the AAFM article have exposed their ulterior motives by consistently publishing such false and criminal claims against the AAFM on multiple occasions. 


AAFM Legal Offices has requested the identity of these editors for further legal action if there is not a speedy settlement reached.


*This is a mere exercise of legal rights to investigate incompetence which should be valued by Wikimedia as priceless information feedback.


4) There are countless other examples of fraud, defamation and even identity theft issues with the article. Anyone can simply review edits to determine there has been zero improvement or compromise with this article for several years while vast amounts of spam, defamation, and criminal statements have been posted under the supervision of key editors.  The AAFM has 1 year from the time of any defamation to commence an action against offenders for this type of fraud, defamation and criminal libel.


5) Ethical Violations, Conflicts of Interest and Neutrality violations are constant in the article where editors are working in collusion to validate each others inaccurate versions of articles without compromising or accepting new citations and references from authoritative sources.  See posts by: RJC, SummerPhD, Famspear, Eric Naval, MelbourneStar, Theroadislong,  and Beyond My Ken   *


6) AAFM is a US based limited liability company established in Louisiana with operations in Colorado. Under both Louisiana and Colorado laws Colorado Revised Statute Section 18-13-105 & Louisiana Revised Statute § 14:47, our company has a legitimate action against the editors or persons who continue to propagate defamatory statements, injurious claims, bogus information and criminal accusations.    The AAFM has one year from the time of any offense to begin an action in US District Court against Wikimedia's unsupervised editors.


7) To learn more about AAFM and the AAFM accredited education policies or the accredited law school program, please read the recognition page.


There are further lawsuit actions that can be taken against the WIKIMEDIA editors for interference and damage to business relationships.  Because the editors knew or should have known that their publications were false and fraudulent, a legal complaint has been filed by the AAFM Legal Chief direct to the WIKIMedia legal offices on behalf of the AAFM.


Because the AAFM supports Wikimedia financially, the contents of the communications is being kept private under the law.


Sincerely - AAFM Legal Offices USA - May 30th, 2013



About AAFM Board of Standards Global


AAFM is the only society and certifying body in the world to have a direct relationship with accreditation bodies, business schools, and ABA accredited law school programs, so that graduates of qualified programs and assessment can achieve board certification. Governmental disclosures and media coverage over the last decade of the AAFM organization has been extremely positive where the AAFM's has focused on standards, professional development, and quality education accredited by the top business and law accreditation agencies such as the: ACBSP, AACSB and ABA.  The AAFM has a sanctioned certification program at an ABA Accredited Law School  which is the first of its kind in the USA.  More About AAFM Global Standards and Accredited Programs



See Citations and References related to Certification Standards and Governmental Recognitions





  • Since 2004, AAFM has direct legal agreement with US Department of Education recognized ACBSP Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. This accredited standards agreement allows for accredited courses and exams to operate as a path to certification.


  • FINRA Regulatory Body - Investor Education Reference Guide Showing AAFM Certifications and Requirements - FINRA does not sanction anyone such as: CFA, CFP, or AAFM certifications but does monitor and publish their requirements and standards  The FINRA has publised that AAFM standards promote [[ACBSP]] and [[ACBSP]] education which represents business schools such as Wharton, NYU, and Stanford Business schools.


  • Wall Street Journal publication of certifications standards, requirements, and standards showing certain certifications as FINRA monitored. The Wall Street Journal specifies AAFM standards of using [[ACBSP]] and [[ACBSP]] education which represents business schools such as Yale, Harvard, and other Business schools.  




*Recent mainstream media explains the AAFM certification process where AAFM promotes accredited business school exams and education.



  • AdvisorFYI, National Underwriter News, May 2013 - AAFM accredited exam and education standards explained by National Underwriter Summit Business Media Media.




   • National Law Journal - May 20, 2013, AAFM programs such as CWM Chartered Wealth Manager law school courses and programs featured in this article



Wall Street Journal Citations and Information for Accuracy.


1) Here are signed and dated copies of both  the CFP and CFA - Co-Existence agreements authored by the General Counsels of each organization.


a) CFA Institute's legal agreement with AAFM - Dated and Signed by Supervising Gen. Counsel Sharon Glover on Jan. 5th, 2004. Acknowledged by CFA Counsel/Jeannie Anderson

b) CFP Board's legal Agreement dated and signed with AAFM - Dated and Signed Nov. 26, 2002 by CFP Counsel Jennie McQuade


2) The AAFM Provided Advisor consent documents to the WSJ for ALL of the Honorary Professors or Experts who allowed their names to be listed on the AAFM websites as Advisors: such as Mr. Gold and Dr. Harvey.   The WSJ inadvertently asked these 2 people if they served on the board of directors, which is a flawed question and the AAFM does not recognize any honorary advisor as a Board of Director member or officer in any way.


a) Written consent document from Dr. Harvey - See:   Accepted/Dated. Monday, March 31, 2003 9:34 AM

b) Written consent document from Mr. Gold - See:  Accepted/Dated Monday, November 27, 2006 8:54 AM


3) The Wall Street Journal asked if CFA or CFP recognized any of AAFM programs.  Here is public documentation that CFP and CFA actually recognize  AAFM Certifications for specific PDU or CE credits.


a) CFP Board Financial Planning Board Canada See:

b) CFA Member credits for continuing education from AAFM -


c: Also, the 2 contracts in number 1 above itemize both CFA and CFPs legal agreements with AAFM.


4) AAFM has specific legal terms on it's websites of which the WSJ article may have accidentally overlooked by mistake.

* AAFM ® Global Board of Academic Advisors & Professors 2005-10* Note: these distinguished faculty members are not faculty of AAFM. The majority of professors here are award recipients and honorary distinguished global advisors. Agency Law Prohibits honorary advisors for speaking for the AAFM


5) The Wall Street Journal  already evidences financial organizations and their certification standards including AAFM.  The WSJ states that AAFM is a FINRA monitored organization with government recognized accreditation  and assessment standards such as ACBSP and AACSB.  Sources: and  


6) The AAFM Legal Counsel Disclosed to the WSJ reporters and the US Government directly that the AAFM has certification programs offered direct from an Accredited  Law School Program - TJSL ABA Accredited Law School's graduate program where the AAFM joint alliance graduate educational "DOE ABA governmental recognized" programs are publicly available  

* The TJSL Law School provides a Post-Juris Doctorate LLM Curriculum Online. This is the first post-doctorate LLM Program of its kind online which can also lead to AAFM® certification and continuation may allow for a ABA recognized Law Degree. AAFM® and its accredited program graduate courses in the USA have the highest graduate educational standards in the industry.


6) The AAFM Legal Counsel Disclosed to the WSJ reporters that the AAFM is in direct contractual agreement with Accreditation Agencies for Business School Programs. 

Thus, AAFM certification can be obtained from completing programs and exams from "Double Accredited Business Schools"  The Wall Street Journal references the double accredited standards in the article.


7) CFP Asia recognizes AAFM USA Certified Members who also hold the CWM Chartered Wealth Manager Designation - See Exemption


8) AAFM or its legal counsel never discussed these agreements above with Mr. Jason Zweig


9) AAFM and FINRA Does not sanction or Accredit the CFA Institute or the CFP board


10) AAFM does NOT recognize any honorary advisor as an officer, director or board of directors member but rather members of an honorary advisory council.


11)  The Wall Street Journal Article and the Wall Street Journals reference guide evidence and recognize the AAFM accredited program education as a path to certification. See ACBSP Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.


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