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Press Release -  2001 -  2002

AAFM builds relationship with the top accreditation authority for business schools. AAFM applies to United Nations ESOSOC for NGO membership.

AAFM Membership is granted in 100 Countries Worldwide
AAFM Recognized Officially by The Chinese Government . Meetings with the Honorable Officials of the Chinese Government are held to discuss financial training and AAFM relations with China and Asia. Exclusive Alliance Built. 2002 AAFM reaches coexistence agreement with CFP™ Board Worldwide. MFP Master Financial Professional™ , RFA Registered Financial Analyst™, and RFS Registered Financial Specialist™ Designations are agreed upon to become amicable Worldwide Designations. AAFM is independent, but it was agreed that there would be no objection to AAFMs use registration or proliferation of the marks MFP Master Financial Professional or RFA Registered Financial Analyst™, and RFS Registered Financial Specialist™ if used. In November, Char. Fin. Prof. Designation Trademark is abandoned by AAFM. All member holders notified by email and disclaimer of discontinued use and substitution using MFP Master Financial Professional is posted on website. Read More
AAFM Training Programs established in Europe New Brussels Training near the Hague. Leading Professors from Europe and Japan have organized the training.
AAFM Training Programs Target Singapore Relations.
AAFM Training Programs and Association established in Hong Kong.
Global expansion meetings result in potential government approval and sanction of AAFM programs in several key countries.
The Honorable Henry A. Mentz (Senior U.S. Federal District Judge Retired) receive the Honorary Chairman of The American Academy Board of Standards Award.
AAFM Financial Journal goes worldwide with Academic Peer Review Panel
AAFM reaches Joint Venture Alliance with GPI Bahamas who is the leader in offering professional financial training, education and certification reviews. GPI is the only institution in the Bahamas who has registration with The Ministry of Education & the Government of the Bahamas to provide Financial/Accounting training as offered by the AAFM. GPI produces more CPAs in the Bahamas than any other institute or program in the Bahamas Nation. GPI's CPA passing rate is second to none and surpasses the national average.
San Francisco Liaison Office Established
Hong Kong Liaison Office Established
American Academy of Financial Management enters strategic worldwide agreement for alliance for E-Learning Worldwide
American Academy receives Board of Standards Approval for worldwide licensing and training.
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