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AAFM Training India and China BLB BIFM Institute of Financial Markets
January 22, 2009

BIFM India Articulation Alliance
BIFM India Articulation Alliance

AAFM Expands Training Distribution through Global Channels.

AAFM & BLB and BIFM Alliance offers:  New Offices in Mumbai/Bombay, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and more.

The CWM and other AAFM programs can now be offered on site to thousands of alumni and new students of BIFM/BLB


BLB Institute of Financial Markets
4th Floor, Gulab Bhawan,
6, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
New Delhi - 110002

SMS <BIFM> to 54646
Email: contact@bifm.edu.in

Global Board of Standards Chairman Prof. Dr. George Mentz said, "The BIFM organization is "Top Shelf" with the best practical training facilities and materials in India.  Combining our award winning faculty and recognized certification programs with the BIFM/BLB organization is a perfect Fit to best serve the India Markets."

BIFM has a tie-up with the American Academy of Financial Management TM (AAFM), USA for the internationally acclaimed Chartered Wealth ManagerTM designation. BIFM is an AAFM TM Licensed Training Provider (AAFM LTP) and has world-class trainers to assist students qualify for the CWMTM designation that promotes best practices in International Wealth Management and opens doors for international jobs in this sector. AAFM Board Certification and Designations like Chartered Wealth Manager provide an assurance that the holder has a high level of skill and knowledge. Designation once achieved is a high honour and is much sought after by employers world-wide.

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